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our mission

Client Satisfaction

EB Corporate ensures that all aspects of your event are completed to the highest possible standards. Our goal is to understand each customer's needs and build applicable programs around those needs. Our programs are geared for customer satisfaction so that you may expand your clientele base and strengthen your company's position in the market place. We understand that corporate hospitality programs are only a part of your yearly business and strive to give you a lasting advantage as an EB Corporate customer.

Commitment to Excellence

Our organization puts an unequaled emphasis on client satisfaction. To this end, we pride ourselves not only on our efforts leading up to and during event dates but also after the completion of our events. We are accountable for your most crucial customer relationships; we understand the magnitude of this. This is why we settle for nothing less than complete satisfaction.

Quality of Product

Composed of an elite and experienced group of event specialists, EB Corporate utilizes its industry knowledge in travel and destination management, along with corporate hospitality expertise to offer the most complete, value-packed entertainment packages possible. We go above and beyond what the typical hospitality company will provide.


6300 Powers Ferry Road • Building 600, Suite 125 • Atlanta, GA 30339 • (678) 500-1760 • 1-800-643-2695